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Selling on PublicSquare
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Once your business is connected, any edits to your products in your e-commerce platform will automatically transfer to PublicSquare. Once a purchase is made, it will come through like a native order. Refunds and canceled orders will also be handled on your e-commerce platform.

If you ever need to access your Violet Merchant account, use this link:

The Violet Merchant Dashboard lets merchants review the state of their connection, view Orders placed, and configure payments. Please click here to learn more about interacting with the Violet Merchant dashboard.

You can choose what products you'd like to sell on our platform! Please click here for step-by-step instructions on publishing and unpublishing products.

PublicSquare is dedicated to bringing the highest quality products to our members. With that goal in mind, we have some guidelines around selling on our platform.

Can I sell custom products?

At this time, we cannot accommodate product customization, like engraving or custom printing. PublicSquare members will still be able to access your website directly for these types of custom items.

Can I resell products?

Anyone who resells a brand or product that is not their own is considered a reseller. This may include a portion or all of their catalog. You are welcome to resell products on our platform as long as the guidelines below are not violated.

What am I not allowed to sell?

We will not allow the sale of products that go against our core values or are from a brand that goes against our company values. Read through our company values here.

Businesses that sell products that violate our company values, for any reason, will be removed from the platform. We do not tolerate nudity, content that is sexual or occult in nature, or the tokenization of race, gender, or health.

PublicSquare marketplace also does not support kratom sales at this time.

Only compatible products will be onboarded for our e-commerce experience and PublicSquare has the right to hide any products that do not align on our platform.

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