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Get Started with PublicSquare E-commerce
Get Started with PublicSquare E-commerce
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PublicSquare is currently supporting the following platforms for a full e-commerce experience.

Click your current platform below for step-by-step instructions on how to get started:

Please note, we are only able to accept retail-based businesses at this time. More to come for our service-based businesses in the future!

Need help getting onboarded? Book time with our team here.

When you set up e-commerce on PublicSquare you will gain:

  • Enhanced Discoverability: with e-commerce integration, your products will be effortlessly accessible to our vast user base. Your inventory is just a click away, whether they search or simply explore.

  • Simplified Shopping: Integration will streamline the path to purchase, reducing unnecessary steps. The result? Enhanced convenience and ease, leading to a higher conversion rate of sales for your products.

  • Access to Exciting Upgrades

  • Savings Opportunity: Onboard now, and you will not only position your business for future success, but you will also lock in at a preferred rate for the first year!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! We’ve already integrated hundreds of businesses and over 450,000 products.

We are here to help get your business onboarded quickly and easily! Book a call with our team for our Custom Onboarding Service today.

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